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Choose Paris Region, a single point of access to a series of personalized, free and confidential support services.

Choose Paris Region is a one-stop-shop that provides international companies with the services they need to expand and thrive.

A business and innovation catalyst, the agency combines its market expertise with its local network to help more than 1,200 international companies each year establish technological and business partnerships and develop their growth strategy in Paris Region.

Why expand to Paris Region ?

  • Paris Region’s GDP is the highest in Europe
  • It is home to most Fortune 500 Headquarters in Europe and 28 of the world’s largest companies
  • It is a region of environmentally responsible urban planning & positive social impact projects
  • A capital of Culture & History as well as the #1 destination for tourists (50.6 M visitors every year)

Join the #1 Tech and Business Ecosystem in Europe

  • Companies can tap into a Market of +500M consumers
  • Paris Region is a leading economic region in a wide variety of sectors among which ; Smart Cities, Clean & Renewable Energies, Mobility, Urban Logistics & Urban freight transport
  • It is recognized worldwide for the quality of its research and R&D labs
  • With more than 8,000 startups, Paris Region ranks as a thriving Tech & Innovation hub
  • It is home to 21 of the Best-Ranked Business Schools in the world
  • Paris Region boasts a business-friendly environment with attractive incentives for international businesses such as the falling Corporate Tax Rate

Paris Region is ranked #1 in Europe for :

  • The Number of Research Professionals (100,000)
  • The Number of High-Tech Patents
  • The Most Generous Research Tax Credits
  • The Highest R&D Spending (€20+ billion per year)

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