Understanding the OnLine Consumer

85% of Singaporean shoppers research products online before buying. Interview - Emmanuel Sauquet, Vice President, Asia Business Development, Google

By Emmanuel Sauquet, Vice President, Asia Business Development, Google

Imagine the Web 115 it was ten years ago.You pointed your browser to a website andread text on a desktop screen. That wasmost of the Web in 2000: a world of text.

Today, the Web presents an entirely differentexperience. Text is only one of themany types of content you see online thatnow also include images, video and maps.Moreover, people aren't just searching theWeb from their desktops. They are accessingthe Web from smartphones as well.

Knowing what your customersAre searching online

The way consumers are accessing informationis changing. Web search, for instance,is so embedded in the daily lives ofpeople around the world that it has becomea barometer of what is on our minds,It knows what keeps us excited and howwe are spending our free time and extramoney as well. This means that businessowners and marketing experts havetremendous insight into their customers'thoughts at their fingertips.Businesses should also be paying attentionto online because it is playing anincreasing role in shoppers' decision makingprocess, According to a ConsumerCommerce Barometer ICCB] study conductedby the Interactive AdvertisingBureau (IAB) Southeast Asia together withGoogle, nearly two-thirds of Singaporeansbuy things online, and 85% of Singaporeanshoppers research products online beforemaking a purchase, with search enginesbeing by far the most popular place tostart. Singaporeans research productsacross all verticals, and most heavily incategories like technology (mobile phones,digital cameras], travel, and retail.

Research starts with search

When Singaporeans shoppers start researchingproducts online, the first placethey turn to is a search engine. For retailers,the implications are clear. Engagementhappens long before a customerenters your store. A shopper who searchesfor “plasma TV with HD capability” is on amission for a solution. Any relevant retailerthat doesn't appear in the onlinesearch results is not influencing the consumerswhen they are crying out for help,That is why it is important to make sure youreach them at the exact point they want theinformation, It is important to be where theconversations are - and increasingly theyare happening online. Here is how you cantake advantage of the online trend :



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