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Food is a source of stress for the world economy.
It is also a source of pleasure for the fortunate
countries with histories of cooking and plenty.

Food is a source of stress for the world economy.It is also a source of pleasure for the fortunatecountries with histories of cooking and plenty.

Four sets of stakeholders have an interest in food:governments, the market, populations, and the foodindustry. Governments need to ensure their people arefed; where there is hunger there is crisis. The marketdetermines the price of food; as prices of food-basedcommodities rocket, pressures grow for market curbs.People bear the brunt of pressures on food, both ofsupply and of prices. So more now grow their own;the food industry must deal with the vicissitudes ofall of these factors, while servicing a population thathas never been more interested in learning to cookbetter and eat more healthily. That said, trade in foodis also critical to developed economies. French cuisineand produce have long been a key national export. TheFrench government seeks to consolidate its place as theworld’s standard in food preparation with its Frenchcampaign - So French, So Good. -


So French, So Good

The French campaign to re-launch its food brand and culture has started with flourish. The campaign includes pavilions, festivals of fine eating at French restaurants and branded brochures. Consumers have given it the thumbs up.

To raise the profile of French food and drink acrossthe globe, France has launched an ambitiouspromotional campaign, with the catchline So French,So Good.

The campaign is intended to push exports of Frenchfood-and-drink products, while raising awareness ofthe nation’s dining tradition. It has two key features.First, the organisers have branded pavilions atleading international food fairs such as Foodex Fairin Japan, where the campaign was launched, with itsdistinctive logo and colour scheme.

Second, the organisers are holding food festivalsaround the world, celebrating French gastronomy.The So French, So Good campaign will be rolled outover time in Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy,Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates,the United Kingdom and the United States.

Some 50 French restaurants1 are participating in theUK campaign, by offering customers a reduced pricewhere they mention the So French, So Good campaign.Brochures promoting the campaign will be on displayat the restaurants.

The campaign will provide a platform to poolthe efforts made by importers, distributors andrestaurateurs, among others, who contribute towardsthe promotion of French products and savoir-faire.

So French, So Good will also help to inject a renewedmomentum into French cuisine on internationalmarkets, thus boosting French agri-foodstuff exports.It will make it possible to draw a range of service-sector industries into this new-found dynamism onexport markets — business players whose activity isdirectly linked to the food-and-drink sector’s success,such as catering companies and restaurants, as well astableware manufacturers and designers.

The campaign will further adapt communication andpromotional tools to foreign markets and make themavailable to French professionals based outside France.It includes a series of short films that will bebroadcast on TV channels in target countries topromote French products and cuisine through thepresentation of creative, simple recipes. A web portalfeatures an integrated GPS functionality that allowsusers to easily find outlets selling French products aswell as restaurants just around the corner from themor anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

Finally, So French, So Good incorporates the creationof Maison de la Gastronomie Française in order torepresent French products and producers at tradeshows, in international airports, and in major shoppingcentres around the world.

France’s farming sector and its food industry playan important role in the French economy. The agri-foodstuff industry currently generates 15% of France’stotal exports and employs over 250,000 workers in thecountry — as many as the aerospace sector. There isno doubt that France is in the premier league of foodexporters worldwide, but it is a competitive market,and more so than ever, where there is no room forcomplacency. - NK

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