Real Estate: Foreign money keeps London market bubbling

Prices and rents for property in London’s prime
locations are booming in both the residential
and commercial property markets.

Prices and rents for property in London’s primelocations are booming in both the residentialand commercial property markets. The rate of growthin prices for houses, flats and offices in choice areasof the Capital is staying well ahead of the rest of thecountry.

This anomaly is substantially due to the wallof money entering the UK from overseas, includingmany Middle Eastern and Russian buyers looking fora secure, safe and attractive investment and bolthole.

That is London’s charm, and buyers speak of a strongfuture for Central London property markets.

Paris has not been overshadowed by London’s brightlights. In fact, prices of apartments there have risen aroundten percent, as recent figures from the National Associationof Estate Agents (FNAIM) show. Estate agents say thatFrench prices continue to rise.

Prime locations on bothsides of the Channel, is where property is most exciting!


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